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Free comedic alternative uplifting positive news, and cultural  podcast. Promoter of music, sculptures,

and truth.  info@deadpeasantradio.com


Producer, audio engineer, musician.

Renegade scholar.

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DPR #9  Bucks County PA, Secret Society Info, Rosicrucian Beliefs, Mystical Orders.

Looking for guests to come on our show. Have a book to promote, music to share or art to sell. Contact us.


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Locally, nationally and internationally, Free comedy and cultural podcast. Focusing on art,music, conspiracy and paranormal subjects. Free Independent music, sculpture and artwork sales.


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Your TV is lying to you, your radio is full of special interest news stories and overplayed music. The internet is changing the world, the truth is spread through podcasts and internet blogs. Join the wave of truth seekers and start controlling your conditioning.

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Adam Capone

Sculpture, artist,

carpenter. furniture maker.

Carlos Constantine

Business manager.

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